Penny Baber Memorial Jumper Derby Series

Hosted by Doubletree Farm, 246 Meador Road, Cumberland, VA 23040

THE FINAL SHOW OF SERIES IS NEXT SUNDAY OCTOBER 15!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone for the last show.

October 15th, 2017
To begin at 8:30 am
Food Available on SITE!!!!
To benefit the Deep Run Hounds!!

For the final Show of the Series we have added an optional class just in time for hunting season!!! This additional class WILL NOT count towards series championships but we hope it will be fun for all!!!
The optional new class will be a Hunt Pair Class consisting of teams of two. Also we are adding a costume class for Horse and/or Rider.

Not to forget your hound!!! We are also having a Halftime Hound Show costume class!!!
Sorry the costume classes and hunt pair class did not make it on the online entry form however email or text if you want to pre-enter and of course entering the day of show is acceptable.

Round 1: Optimum Time Round.
Round 2: Power and Speed Round.
Round 3: Gambler’s Choice Round.
Round 4: Hunt Pair Class. You and your partner will be judged on a course of fences, one horse leading the other until the last fence which will be jumped by both horses side-by-side. Judged on pace, maintaining following distance, jumping efforts and jumping the last fence in tandem.

Horse/Rider Costume: Horse/Rider entered in this class must compete in costume in at least one class throughout the day. Grand Prize awarded after all entered horse/rider combinations have gone for each division.

Halftime Hound Show: Bring your favorite pooch (or pooches!!) and their costumes and compete in the halftime hound show. The best costume wins!! To be held during the course change from Green to Advanced Green. Please Remember all hounds/pooches/dogs must be on a leash at all times. Prizes awarded to top 5 hounds!!!

Entry Fees:
● *** Horse/Rider Costume & Halftime Hound Show are each a $5.00 entry in advance or day of the show and not counted towards either 3 class or 4 class division fees
● $15/class or $40/division for 3 classes or $50/division for 4 classes pre-entry; $20/class or $55/division for 3 classes $75/division for 4 classes day of show
● $30 per horses for stabling
● Friday or Saturday Schooling $25 per horse noon to 6pm
● Divisions: if enough entries will divide into Senior/Junior
Tadpole – Rails on the ground up to 6 – 8 inches tall
Green – Fences up to 18″ tall
Advanced Green – 2’0 – 2’3 verticals
Beginner Novice – 2’4 -2’7 verticals & oxers
Novice – 2’8 – 2″11 verticals & oxers – may have Liverpool and/or skinny
Training – 3’0- 3’3 verticals, oxers – may have Liverpool, corner and skinny
General Rules and Regulations:
● Generally run according to USEA/USEF rules where applicable. The organizer further reserves the right to combine or split classes.
● Pre-entries encouraged! Must be received the Thursday before the Derby.
● Attire: Informal but neat and tidy. SEI/ASTM Helmets are required.
● Courses will be open for walking the night before the event, the morning of prior to 8am and just prior to each division.
● Ribbons 1st – 6th for each class (excluding Horse/Rider Costume and Halftime Hound Show) and Champion and Reserve Champion for each division as well as Series End High Point Awards for each division.
● Event will fill in a first come first serve basis
● Please include current coggins with the registration form.
● For more information, please email questions/for more information or call (804) 624-1142.

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